Electricity Contract in Helsinki

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Electricity Contract in Helsinki
Sähkösopimus heti Helsinki

Find the best electricity contract in Helsinki for your home

If you are looking for an electricity contract in Helsinki for your home, you have landed at the right page. Here you can compare contracts and will find the most suitable for your home. You can choose between different contracts and also the origin of your electricity production. Fortum only sells carbon free electricity to households in Finland, but you can also add solar power or other renewable rources of your home electricity. 

Contracts with c/kWh pricing

Fortum Duo - Fixed price with possibility to flexibility

Fortum Duo

Fortum Duo is a smart electricity contract combining benefits of fixed price and market price. Fixed price of electricity for two years + possibility to save consumption by timing to the cheaper hours.  

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24 month fixed price

Fortum Takuu

Do you think that a long-term fixed price is the best option for you? Then you should choose Fortum Takuu, a 24-month fixed-term electricity contract.

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Hourly pricing

Fortum Tarkka

When you select electricity with spot pricing, you always pay for electricity per hourly market price. Fortum Tarkka is great for you if you're ready to optimize your electricity usage and are willing to track prices.

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Contracts with fixed monthly fees

For an apartment

Fortum Vakio S, M & L

If you live in an apartment, you can choose  the Fortum Vakio S, M or L contract. Prices: € 40 - € 90 * /month.

*Prices with VAT 24 % from 1 May 2023. VAT was temporarily 10 % between 1 December and 30 April. 

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For row or semidetached house

Fortum Vakio L

Fortum Vakio L is suitable for row or semidetached house under 100m2 with sauna - but no electric heating. Price € 90 / month.*

*Prices with VAT 24 % from 1 May 2023. VAT was temporarily 10 % between 1 December and 30 April.

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For students only

Vakio S for students

This is the contract for a student who lives in a small apartment, like a studio apartment. Price € 39 a month only.

*Prices with VAT 24 % from 1 May 2023. VAT was temporarily 10 % between 1 December and 30 April.

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Compare electricity contracts in Helsinki

Fortum offers an electricity contract in Helsinki that best suits the needs of your home. As a Fortum customer, your electricity is always produced 100% carbon-free. No matter which contract you choose, the electricity you consume is always produced without burdening the climate.

Its pays off to compare electricity contracts, as it can bring savings to your electricity bill. Test which electricity contract is right for you and compare electricity prices in Helsinki using Fortum's electricity helper tool.

Helper Tool

How much different homes consume electricity in Helsinki?

Two person flat

167 kWh / month - on average
(2000 kWh / year)

Two person flat with sauna

217 kWh / month on average
(2600 kWh / year)

Row house
Two person home in a row house

225 kWh / month on average
(2700 kWh / year)

Row house
Two person home in a row house with sauna

275 kWh / month on average
(3300 kWh / year)

Private house
4 person private house with district heating (120m2)

608 kWh / month on average
(7300 kWh / year)

Private house
4 person private house with electricity heating (120m2)

1642 kWh / month on average
(19700 kWh / year)

Note that in winter the electricity consumption is much higher than in summer when you heat your house with electricity. 

Why choose Fortum’s electricity contract in Helsinki?

  1. Contract that fits to your needs
    You can choose from various contracts that suits your home. At Oma Fortum app, you can easily track our electricity consumption avoiding surprises.
  2. Sustainable choice
    Our electricity is fully carbon-free.
  3. Pikkujuttu bonus program
    At Fortum, you can benefit from the Pikkujuttu bonus program and take part in positive change. You can pay part of your electricity bill by doing small climate friendly activities such as recycling, cycling to work and reducing the amount of food waste.

Electricity distribution in Finland

Unlike the electricity energy company that you can freely choose, the electricity distribution company is always your local provider that sends you its own separate bill. For example, if you are looking for an electricity contract in Helsinki, your electricity distribution company will automatically be the distribution company in Helsinki. Only if your local distribution company is Caruna (for example in Espoo), will you get one invoice instead of two as Fortum's customer.

Electricity distribution is paid according to the transmission tariffs of the local distribution company. These companies make sure that electricity is available at all times and possible power cuts are dealt with promptly.

Moving to Helsinki?

When moving to Helsinki things usually work out well and most things can be done online. However this requires identification, which in Finland is mostly done using your bank's identification programs. And you need to have a Finnish bank account for that. Online identification is required also for making Fortum electricity contracts. 

If you are moving to Helsinki from outside Finland there are many practicalities that you should take into consideration. Learn more from the infoFinland link.   

Moving to Helsinki