Fortum Vakio - electricity contract for apartments

Fortum Vakio, the easy electricity contract. Choose Vakio S, M, or L according to your electricity consumption.

Flexible contract

Easy to change.

No surprises

Same price every month.

Environmental friendly
Climate friendly

The electricity is 100% free of carbon dioxide emissions

Vakio S pieneen kulutukseen kerrostaloasunnossa

Electricity consumption less than 2000 kWh/year

Vakio S for studio apartments € 35,48 / month

Suitable for apartments up to 44 square metres in size.

*VAT for sales of electricity is temporarily lowered to 10 % between 2022 December 12 and 2023 April 30. The prices mentioned include VAT 10 %. Therafter VAT will be 24 %.

Order Vakio S
Valitse Vakio M, jos käytät sähköä 2000-3000 kWh/v

Electricity consumption 2000-3000 kWh/year

Vakio M for apartments € 53,23 / month

Suitable for two- or three-room apartments.

*VAT for sales of electricity is temporarily lowered to 10 % between 2022 December 12 and 2023 April 30. The prices mentioned include VAT 10 %. Therafter VAT will be 24 %.

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Vakio contract features

Validity of the contract

Valid until further notice


Fixed monthly price

VAT for sales of electricity is temporarily lowered to 10 % between 2022 December 12 and 2023 April 30. The prices mentioned include VAT 10 %. Therafter VAT will be 24 %.


4 invoices per year


Questions and answers about Fortum Vakio for apartments

I don’t know my yearly consumption. Should I choose the S, M, or L contract?
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If you don’t know your consumption, and your apartment doesn’t have a sauna or a wet room with underfloor heating, Vakio S is probably closest to your actual consumption level.

You can make the Vakio contract order to the best of your knowledge right now. If the yearly consumption limit is exceeded, we will change your Vakio contract to the right level automatically. If anything troubles you, you can call our customer service right away, or later if you like. We can think about the suitable level of the contract together.

Can I monitor my consumption easily by myself?
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Yes, you can. By signing into the My Fortum app, you can easily monitor your monthly and yearly consumption. It’s also easy to view your electricity consumption on a weekly, daily, or even hourly level.

In addition, by downloading the My Fortum app from your app store, as a Vakio customer you will have access to a customised consumption view, which also includes consumption limit information.

My friend has a Fortum Home Insurance. Can I have it, too?
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Yes, you can! Our Home Insurance is a good match for the Vakio S, M, and L packages.  If you already have a Fortum electricity contract, you can order the insurance via our customer service or service for moving customers. It is a good idea to get insurance before moving into a new apartment, because the insurance will cover material damage that occurs during moving.

If you ordering an electricity contract right now, you can order both electricity and home insurance at the same time:
Read more, and order Vakio + Home Insurance (Information as well as all written communication according to the incurance is in Finnish language only).

Can I get Vakio with solar or wind power?
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The Fortum Vakio electricity is carbon dioxide-free, and it has no impact on the climate. If you want the electricity you use to be renewable, you can change its source whenever you like by calling our customer service.


For a studio apartment

Vakio S electricity contract which is 100% solar energy.

Validity: electricity contract and Solar choice are valid until further notice
Suitability: small apartment (like a studio apartment)
Pricing: fixed monthly fee, yearly consumption max 2 000 kWh
Invoicing: 4 invoices per year
Origin of electricity: 100% solar energy

Total price: 41,25€/month (electricity 35,48€/month + Solar choice 5,77€/month)* With VAT 10 %

Order here (studio apartment)

What additional services are included in the contract?
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Free of charge:

  • My Fortum and Valpas online services, as well as My Fortum tablet/smartphone app
  • Phone service for house moving customers and a discount on Niemi removal boxes
  • Service guarantee

Others (If you already have a Fortum contract, you can order the following from our customer service):

  • Source of electricity production (solar, wind, renewable)
  • Insurance (household effects and travel insurance)
Can I order Vakio for other than an apartment in an apartment building?
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Yes, you can. If your home doesn’t have electric heating, and your electricity consumption is within the limits of the terms and conditions of the contract, you can choose a Vakio M, L, or XL contract for an apartment in a row house, too.

Vakio L or XL can also be ordered for a semi-detached house that is within the set consumption limits.

Minulla on Fortum Vakio. Mistä voin tarkistaa kokoluokan ja hinnan?
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Kaikki sopimustietosi hintoineen löydät Oma Fortum -sovelluksesta sekä -verkkopalvelusta.

Vakio is suitable for your apartment if

  • you value an easy and carefree contract with a fixed price
  • you live in an apartment building, and your electricity consumption is normal
  • you value a contract in which electricity is produced without the use of fossil fuels.

Is this a contract for you? If not, you can choose a contract that fits your needs better.

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