Electricity contract when you’re moving

Congratulations on your new home! We can get your electricity contract started quickly, even the same day.

Moving into a block of flats?

We recommend our fixed-fee electricity contract, starting from € 40 / month.
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If you already have an electricity contract with us, you can notify us of your change of address online or by telephone.

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You can take a test to see which of our electricity contract options best suits your new home.

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Fortum Muuttopuhelin – house movers’ customer service

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Electricity today?

If I submit my order now, when will the electricity delivery to my new home start?

You can choose the first day of delivery in your order. When you are moving to a new home, the earliest possible start date of electricity delivery is the next weekday (Monday to Friday) following your order.

If you need electricity even sooner, choose the Express Relocation Service (Pikamuutto) on the order form.

  • Express order for the same weekday (Mon–Fri): place the order before noon. Service fee €20.
  • Express order for the upcoming weekend (Sat–Sun): place the order before noon on Friday. Service fee €20.

Frequently asked questions about electricity contract and moving

When should I notify about moving?
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You should preferably notify the electricity company of moving two weeks, but at least one week, before the moving date. This is how you make sure that the electricity is on in your new home when you move.

Please remember to file a moving notice with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) as well. This statutory notification must be made no earlier than a month before the moving date and no later than a week after the move. A temporary change of residence lasting more than three months must also be reported to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency within the same time frame.

In addition, submit a moving notice to the property manager of your old and new housing association. This should be done as soon as the moving date is known.

Minne ja miten muuttoilmoitus täytyy tehdä?
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 For the electricity company:

Make a move notification to the electricity company online or by phone, preferably two weeks before the move. When you notify the electricity company of your move in good time, you ensure that the electricity is turned on in your new home before you move.

To Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV / old Maistraatti):

A move notification to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is mandatory for all permanent moves or moves lasting more than three months. In the same online service, you can also make a move notification to Posti. If necessary, you can also process the move notification to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency by phone or by sending a paper form. The entire family's move notification is processed at the same time with one online or paper form or by calling.

Notification of a move to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is voluntary for temporary moves lasting less than three months, because your municipality and official postal address remain the same in the population register.

To the post office:

The move notification to Posti is handled in the same service and at the same time as you submit the move notification to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

For the property manager:

Notice of moving to the housing company or the property manager must be made for both your old and new apartment by phone or email. In this way, you will continue to receive communications that are relevant to you and stay on top of your housing company's affairs.

What to do before moving?
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1. Tee muuttoilmoitus ja osoitteenmuutos hyvissä ajoin

Muuttoilmoitus tulee tehdä sähköyhtiölle sekä Digi- ja väestövirastolle (maistraattiin). Muutosta kannattaa ilmoittaa myös isännöitsijöille.

2. Tarvitsetko uuden sähkösopimuksen?

Vanha sähkösopimuksesi ei välttämättä ole paras mahdollinen uuteen asuntoosi, esimerkiksi jos sen koko ja/tai lämmitysmuoto muuttuvat. Muistathan, että määräaikaisia sähkösopimuksia ei tyypillisesti voi irtisanoa kesken sopimuskauden.

Vertaile vaihtoehtoja ja löydä uuteen asuntoosi sopiva sähkösopimus.

3. Hanki muutto- ja siivousapua

Muutto on logistisesti raskas operaatio. Vanha asunto pitää siivota ja tavaroita pakata, kantaa ja purkaa. Jos tarvitset muuttoapua, pyydä sitä hyvissä ajoin. Ja jos tiedossa on erityisen raskas muutto tai muutto toiselle paikkakunnalle, kannattaa harkita muuttofirman kilpailuttamista. 

Fortumin asiakkaana saat 30 % alennusta Niemen muuttolaatikoista. Soita numeroon 020 554 554 pyydä tarjous ja kerro että olet Fortumin asiakas.

4. Tee budjetti uuden kotisi menoista

Kun muutat uuteen kotiin, kuukausittaiset menosi todennäköisesti muuttuvat. Päivitä budjettiin uusi vuokrasi tai asuntolainan lyhennyksesi sekä muut muuttuneet menosi.

Mitä muuta muuttajan tulee muistaa? Tutustu kattavaan listaan!

What to do with a fixed-term contract when moving?
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If you already have a fixed-term electricity contract with Fortum, you will get a similar contract for your new home. You can also change to another contract type even if your previous contract was fixed-term

First electricity contract – what should I remember?
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When you are about to move, make the electricity contract sufficiently in advance. This ensures that you have electricity when you need it. Fortum will also inform the electricity distributor (your local network company) about your new contract. The distributor company will send you a separate confirmation and charge you according to its price list. If your local network company is Caruna, its charges will also be on Fortum's invoice.

If you have any questions, please contact our House movers’ customer service (Muuttopuhelin). It is available every day.

I am a Fortum customer. How do I terminate the electricity contract?
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To terminate your Fortum electricity contract, please call our customer service.  In conjunction with ending your customer relationship, we will process any compensations payable to you, as well as any outstanding invoices. The customer service will check that your contact information is up to date. We want to make sure that all processes required before ending your contract are as smooth as possible.

If you wish to transfer your existing electricity contract to a new address, you can do this online. Read more about the change of address.

How will I make the electricity distribution contract?
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If you are or become a Fortum customer, we will take care of the electricity distribution contract for you when you are moving.

How can I get the discount on Niemi removal boxes?
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Order the boxes by calling 020 554 554 and let them know that you are a Fortum customer.

Urgent need! Can I get electricity today or tomorrow?
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You can place an express order for the same day on weekdays (Monday to Friday). The order must be submitted here on Fortum's website before noon. If you need electricity for the upcoming weekend (Saturday and Sunday), you must submit your express order before noon on Friday. The service fee for an express order is €20.

If you can wait until the next weekday, you can order your electricity delivery without any service fees.

You can choose the first day of delivery, as well as the possible express service option, on the order form. You can also order the express service by calling Fortum’s House movers’ customer service (Muuttopuhelin).

Voinko siirtää sopimuksen puolison tai asuinkumppanin nimiin?
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Huom! Ethän solmi sopimusta muuton perusteella, jos taloutesi ei ole muuttamassa. Jos nykyinen sopimus Fortumilla on päätetty aiheettomasti muuton perusteella, edellytämme sen palauttamista alkuperäiselle tuotteelle ja sopimuksen haltijalle.

Good reasons to choose Fortum when you're moving

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My Fortum service and Oma Fortum App

Quick and easy way to track your electricity consumption and check your contract and bills.

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Always with respect for the planet

You can always get carbon dioxide-free electricity from Fortum.

Please note

Only start a new contract based on an address change if your household is actually moving. If a current Fortum contract is terminated due to moving without a valid address change, we require reverting it to the original product and contract owner.

Important notifications and assistance for house movers

Statutory notification of move

You can submit your notification of change of address to the national Population Information System and to Posti using a single form, which can be completed online. According to Finnish legislation, you must submit a notification of move to the Population Information System within one week of changing your permanent address. You must also submit a notification of move in case of a temporary change of address if the relocation lasts longer than three months.


Submitting a notification of change of address to the Population Information System is a prerequisite for some social security-related services. Click the Kela link below to find out when you need to contact Kela in addition to submitting the notification of change of address.

Assistance with the relocation

Move-in and move-out cleaning, removal van, help with carrying your belongings. Plan in advance and choose the services that best suit your needs and budget. As Fortum's customer, you get a 30% discount on Niemi removal boxes. Order the boxes by calling 020 554 554 and let them know that you are a Fortum customer.

Notification of change of address quickly

Do you need electricity quickly? Call us and we’ll see how soon we can get you connected!

0200 80000

Local network charge/mobile charge
Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm


Express order online

The express relocation service with connection for the same evening or upcoming weekend can often be ordered online. The express service fee is €20.