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Make use of our tips for bill management and payment.

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Electricity bills 4, 6 or 12 times a year

  • low consumption (such as an apartment) -> 4 or 6 bills per year
  • high consumption (electric heating) -> 6 or 12 bills per year.

Is electricity transfer billed separately? When does the night-time rate apply? Can I get a payment extension?

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Monthly bills for district heating

An energy fee and a power fee are presented separately on a district heating bill. The energy fee is based on the customer’s metered energy consumption (MWh). The power fee is based on the customer’s metered heating power (kW).


“Now that I’ve downloaded My Fortum on my phone, I can prepare for my electricity bills. I can check the accumulation of my electricity costs from the beginning of the month any time. "

A Fortum electricity customer from Southern Finland

Choose the easy eInvoice as your payment option

An eInvoice is an electronic bill sent directly to your online bank. Payment is easier and faster when you don’t need to enter the reference number, the payee’s account number or the sum of the bill every time you pay your bill. You can decide both the time and amount of charges made from your account. You can check your itemised bill through your online banking service and accept the bill for payment using your online banking codes.

Receive Fortum’s invoices via Kivra

If you use the Kivra app to pay and you do not have an e-invoice enabled, your electricity and district heating bills will automatically be paid in the Kivra app from 9 September 2020. Convenient and easy!

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Questions and answers about the service

Are you having payment problems?

Overcome your payment challenges

1. Remember your payment interval and due dates: Log into the My Fortum service for information about your electricity, district heating and natural gas bills.

2. Choose the payment option that best suits you:  printed invoice, eInvoice or direct payment.

3. Be prepared for your electricity bill: track your electricity consumption by logging into My Fortum. You can also download the My Fortum app on your phone or tablet. The app also shows your electricity consumption from the beginning of the current month in euros.

4. Make sure you have enough money on your account: the term of payment for electricity, district heating and natural gas bills is 14 days from the date of invoice.

5. If you need a payment extension: contact us before the due date. You can also request a payment extension from our chatbot (type the search term "Term of payment” in the chat box) or chat with our customer service (search term: “Customer service")

6. Consider the Fortum Maksujousto service: if your payment problems mostly concern wintertime electricity consumption, you could benefit from Maksujousto.  The Maksujousto service (€4.90/month) divides payments over a 12-month period more evenly than regular billing.

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