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You always get carbon-free electricity from Fortum, no matter which contract you choose.

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Contracts with fixed monthly fees

Vakio S pieneen kulutukseen kerrostaloasunnossa

For an apartment

Fortum Vakio S, M & L

If you live in an apartment, you can choose  the Fortum Vakio S, M or L contract. Prices: 25-50 €/month.

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Tytär ja mummo

For row or semidetached house

Fortum Vakio L

Fortum Vakio L is suitable for row or semidetached house under 100m2 with sauna - but no electric heating. Price 50 €/month.

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Lounastauko muuton keskellä

For students only

Vakio S for students

This is the contract for a student who lives in a small apartment, like a studio apartment. Price 24 € a month only.

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Contracts with c/kWh pricing

Voit tarkistaa tuntihinnan puhelimestasi

Hourly pricing

Fortum Tarkka

When you select electricity with spot pricing, you always pay for electricity per hourly market price. Fortum Tarkka is great for you if you're ready to optimize your electricity usage and are willing to track prices.

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Nainen tiskaa

Quarterly pricing

Fortum Kesto

For people who are looking for an easy and carefree deal. Contract is valid until further notice. Price follows the wholesale price and is updated four times a year. See current prices and make a contract.

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Mies läppärin kanssa

24 month fixed price

Fortum Takuu

Do you think that a long-term fixed price is the best option for you? Then you should choose Fortum Takuu, a 24-month fixed-term electricity contract.

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