Oma Fortum application and My Fortum online services

We warmly recommend that you download the Oma Fortum application on your phone. It’s a quick and easy way to track your electricity consumption from the beginning of the month both in euros and kilowatt hours. You can also use your Oma Fortum username to log in to My Fortum online services.

One username for all services

One username for all services related to your contract. 

Fortum lampovahti
Tracking consumption and costs

The Oma Fortum application and My Fortum online service is an easy way to keep track of your energy consumption.

My fortum
Easy-to-use application

Your home management app travels everywhere with you.

My Fortum/Oma Fortum username

You can use your My Fortum username to log into the My Fortum website and when starting to use the My Fortum app. 

The online service is a secure way to make changes to your electricity or district heating contract and to easily track electricity consumption at your home.

Go to My Fortum here

For the phone and tablet

The application shows your electricity costs and consumption, among other things. You can also set an alarm to notify you in case your electricity consumption is higher than expected.

Download on Android

Download on iPhone or iPad

Read more about My Fortum services

How do I get a My Fortum/Oma Fortum username?
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If your electricity contract was made through our customer services, a username may have been created for you at the same time. In this case, all you need to do is change your password. Change password

If you don’t have a username (username = your email address) yet, you can create one yourself. Create Oma Fortum username

You will need your online banking codes to create a Oma Fortum username. If you have a mobile ID, you can also use that.

How can I change my password and/or username?
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You can change your password here:  Change password

If your email address has changed or you wish to change your username for some other reason, you can do it here: Edit user account information

Please note that any edits you make in your user account only affect your My Fortum account information. Any editing of your email address or other information on your My Fortum account will not affect your customer information that we use for sending you emails and other mail related to your contract. You can edit your customer information in My Fortum here: Edit customer information