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Turn waste into new raw material whenever possible and keep it in circulation and utilised again and again.
Smarter recycling

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Staying competitive in the ever-changing world requires companies to be conscious and take an active role in driving the change for a better future. We have the experience and know-how to take your business to the next level.

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In questions of energy availability, rely on hydro

More than ever hydropower is important in the Nordics. Security of energy supply has become an increasingly pressing issue in recent months due to the geopolitical landscape. Alternatives for oil and gas imports are sought across Europe, and countries are redrawing their energy strategies to ensure the uninterrupted availability of energy. In the Nordics, the situation is somewhat different, as we have hydropower that we can rely on together with nuclear power and increasing amounts of wind and solar – all CO2-free production forms.

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Data centres and district heating – a perfect match

In March, Fortum and Microsoft announced our joint plan for a ground-breaking data centre region in the Helsinki, Finland metropolitan area. The data centres will use 100% clean electricity and the waste heat they generate will be used to heat homes, as well as business and public premises in the area. This type of modern industry is  promoting the energy transition – while creating circular economy opportunities for the energy sector.

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Why is electricity traded on exchanges?

With the energy crisis in Europe, the price of electricity and various electricity agreements have become hot topics. And when the discussion is about the electricity price, the discussion rather quickly turns to power exchanges. A power exchange is a trading platform where electricity producers and electricity consumers meet. In power exchanges specialised in physical trading, electricity producers and consumers trade with the aim of the physical delivery of electricity from the producer to the consumer. The aim of derivative exchanges, meanwhile, is to offer companies ways to hedge electricity price-related risks. 

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Electricity Agreements for small and medium Enterprises

Fortum YritysAktiivi

For you who are looking for an easy and carefree deal. Joint portfolio enables price that is both stable and up to date.

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Fortum Yritys Tunti

When you select electricity with spot pricing, you always pay for electricity per hourly market price. Fortum Yritys Tunti is great for you if you're ready to regulate your electricity usage and are willing to track prices.

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