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What kind of electricity contract are you looking for?

Fortum Duo - Fixed price with possibility to flexibility

Fortum Duo

Fortum Duo is a smart electricity contract combining benefits of fixed price and market price. Fixed price of electricity for two years + possibility to save consumption by timing to the cheaper hours.  Click order now to see the fixed price for 2 years and continue to order.

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Tarkka is a spot-priced agreement. The price changes hourly.

Fortum Tarkka

When you select electricity with spot pricing, you always pay for electricity per hourly market price. Fortum Tarkka is great for you if you're ready to optimize your electricity usage and are willing to track prices. Popular for an apartments.

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For an apartment for a fixed monthly fee. Choose Vakio S for studio or small one bedroom flat.

Fortum Vakio S or M

If you live in an apartment, you can choose  the Fortum Vakio S or M contract. Prices: 25 € - 39,50 €/month.


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Why choose Fortum?

Contract comparison
Choose Fortum

Fortum sells electricity to all homes and locations in Finland. You can choose from a selection of contract types and go with the one that is best for you.

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Solar and wind
You can choose how your electricity is produced

We only sell electricity produced without CO2 emissions to our customers in Finland - this mean that the production of the energy hasn't harmed the climate. As an additional service, you can order also 100 % solar energy or a mix of 100 % renewables.

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My fortum
You can keep track of your consumption

Oma Fortum (My Fortum) is our app, where you can track your consumption and costs. If you want to make changes to your contract, this is the easiest place to do it yourself. You can access the My Fortum service also from our website.

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How to charge your EV with our Charge & Drive app

Fortum Charge & Drive has been working since 2008 to create EV charging services to the growing segment of EV drivers. We are a digital companion for your EV driving experience. We are here to help you drive, charge and provide all information. You just need to focus on getting where you want to go.

Fortum Charge & Drive

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