Renewable origins for your electricity contract

Renewable sources of electricity include solar power, wind power, hydropower and bioenergy. You can order a change of origin for your new or existing Fortum contract and take a small step towards a greener, more ecological lifestyle. Select your favourite from three available options.

Why choose renewable energy?

Renewable energy is a prerequisite for sustainable development in the long term. Your choice matters, and your actions can set a valuable example to others.

Do you want to change the origin of your existing Fortum contract?

You can change the origin of your contract by logging into My Fortum. The change of origin option is found at the bottom of the contracts page.  

If you wish to cancel a change of origin, please contact our customer service. The origin of your electricity is a separate, supplementary part of your contract, and it is not tied to the same fixed term as the main contract (24 months  Takuu and Tarkka contracts).

Working together for a cleaner world

In Finland, the share of renewable energy sources, including motor fuels, is currently almost 40%. In accordance with the National Energy and Climate Strategy, the share of renewable energy will rise to over 50% of the end consumption by 2030.

Frequently asked questions about green electricity and the origins of renewable energy

What does the term renewable energy mean?

In power production, the term renewable energy can only be used for electricity generated from renewable sources of energy, such as hydropower, wind power and solar power. Renewable energy also includes aerothermal, geothermal, hydrothermal and marine energy, as well as energy produced from biomass, landfill gases, sewage gases and biogas.

In addition to electricity generation, renewable energy is also used in heat generation and as motor fuel. The terms bioenergy and biofuel are also used in this context.

Isn’t all electricity mixed together in the network?

Yes, this is correct. The power transmitted through the network must be separated from its origins to guarantee the authenticity of the underlying source of electricity.

There is a tracking system for electricity generation called Guarantee of Origin (GO). Electricity producers are assigned a number of GOs corresponding to the amount of power they generate and the production method used. The producers can then sell the GOs to suppliers.

As your electricity supplier, we will make sure to purchase GOs from producers in accordance with your consumption. Only electricity that has been issued a guarantee of origin can be sold as renewable.

How are the origins of the power sold by Fortum verified?

The Guarantee of Origin system ensures that our EKOenergy-labelled electricity is generated from renewable energy sources in compliance with Directive 2001/77/EC. This is verified by production plant and time as part of an annual audit conducted by an external auditor.

The origin of the electricity has been verified in accordance with the Finnish Energy Authority guidelines on the verification and disclosure of the origin of electricity.

What is EKOenergy?

EKOenergy is an international environmental label for renewable energy established by environmental NGOs. In Finland, the label is promoted by The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

When you select wind as the origin of your electricity by ordering EKOtuulisähkö, you will be using EKOenergy-certified power.


Is nuclear power considered renewable energy?

Nuclear power is not regarded as a renewable energy source. Compared to fossil fuels – oil, coal and peat – the benefit is that it is CO2-free.

Climate change and transitioning to a low-carbon energy system make reliable and emission-free electricity production even more important than before. As a CO2-free energy source, nuclear power plays an essential role in the shift towards cleaner energy production.

Mistä tiedän mikä alkuperä sähkölläni on ja mitä se maksaa?

Omat sopimustietosi löydät Oma Fortum -sovelluksesta sekä -verkkopalvelusta.

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