Notification of change of address for Fortum customers

You can easily transfer your Fortum electricity contract to your new address or take a test to see which contract would be the best option for you.

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Use the Notification of change of address to transfer your contract to your new home with the same terms and to notify us of the end date of the contract for your old address.

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Frequently asked questions about change of address

If I submit my order now, when will the electricity delivery to my new home star
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You can choose the first day of delivery in your order. When you are moving to a new home, the earliest possible start date of electricity delivery is the next weekday (Monday to Friday) following your order.

If you need electricity even sooner, choose the

Express Relocation Service (Pikamuuttopalvelu).

  • Express order for the same weekday (Mon–Fri): place the order before noon. Service fee €20.
  • Express order for the upcoming weekend (Sat–Sun): place the order before noon on Friday. Service fee €20.
How is the price determined?
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If you use the Transfer your contract function above, the contract will be transferred with the same terms and conditions. This means that the price (or price level) will remain the same as it is in your current contract.

Urgent need! Can I get electricity today or tomorrow?
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You can place an express order for the same day on weekdays (Monday to Friday). The order must be submitted here on Fortum's website before noon. If you need electricity for the upcoming weekend (Saturday and Sunday), you must submit your express order before noon on Friday. The service fee for an express order is €20.

If you can wait until the next weekday, you can order your electricity delivery without any service fees.

You can choose the first day of delivery, as well as the possible express service option, on the order form. You can also order the express service by calling Fortum’s House movers’ customer service (Muuttopuhelin).

Miten saan Niemen muuttolaatikoista asiakasedun?
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Saat asiak­kaa­namme Niemen muutto­laa­ti­koista 30% alennuksen. Voit tilata haluamasi määrän laati­koita täyttä­mällä tarjous­pyyn­tö­lo­makkeen Niemen sivuilla ja kirjoit­ta­malla Lisätiedot-kohtaan koodin fortum15. Samalla lomak­keella voit tilata myös muut muutto­pal­velut Niemeltä. Hyödynnä etu tästä!

I have a fixed-term Fortum Takuu contract. Can I transfer it?
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Yes, it can be transferred to your new home with the current terms and prices. If your new home has a different measurement method (general, night-time or seasonal electricity), the original pricing day prices will be applied.

If you have the additional Vaihtotakuu service, it will also be transferred.

I have Aurinkovalinta/EKO, Wind/100% Renewable energy. Can I transfer it?
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Yes, your choices related to the origin of electricity are transferred along with your contract.

Can I transfer my contract from block of flats into a one family house?.
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The Fortum Vakio, S, M, L or XL contract with monthly pricing cannot be transferred to a one family house.

If you are moving to a row house apartment that does not have electric heating or apartment-specific boiler and the household electricity consumption will not exceed that of your old home, you can transfer your Vakio contract to the new row house apartment.


I have Fortum Home Insurance. Can I transfer it, too?
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First, make sure that the insurance is suitable for your new home and covers its needs. The best way to do this is to call our customer service and review the details of your insurance transfer with our specialist. Please contact us sufficiently in advance before moving to make sure that your insurance will cover any damage both to your old and new home, and also damage occurring during the relocation.

How do I terminate my old electricity contract?
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The easiest way to terminate your old contract is to make a new one using the Transfer contract function above. On the transfer form, you will be asked to specify when you want the Fortum electricity contract for your old home to end. However, you can also leave this field blank if you don't know the exact dates yet. The contract can be separately terminated later by contacting our customer service.

Voinko siirtää sopimuksen puolison tai asuinkumppanin nimiin?
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Huom! Ethän solmi sopimusta muuton perusteella, jos taloutesi ei ole muuttamassa. Jos nykyinen sopimus Fortumilla on päätetty aiheettomasti muuton perusteella, edellytämme sen palauttamista alkuperäiselle tuotteelle ja sopimuksen haltijalle.

Umm... I’m not sure which contract I have.
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You can check the prices and other details of your contract from your invoice or the My Fortum service. My Fortum is available both online (log in or register at the top right-hand corner of the website) and as a telephone app (download Oma Fortum from your app store).

I had night-time electricity, but the new home has general electricity. Pricing?
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If your contract is priced per kWh, such as Fortum Kesto and Takuu, you can still transfer it but the pricing will be based on your new home's measurement method.

For Fortum Tarkka with hourly pricing (market price), the same terms and prices apply. If you have the Hintatakuu service included in your Tarkka contract, it will also be transferred.

Fortum Vakio S, M, L and XL can be transferred to a home with a similar consumption rate at the same monthly price.

Notification of change of address in exceptional cases

Temporary change of address

Make a separate, new contract for your temporary home. In this way, electricity delivery to your permanent home will continue.

Moving abroad

If you no longer need a Finnish electricity contract, please contact our customer service.

Change of invoicing address

If you already have a contract, you can edit your information in the Oma Fortum service or call our customer service.

Quick notification of change of address to our customer service

Do you need electricity immediately or for the upcoming weekend? Call us and we’ll see how soon we can get you connected!


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