Electricity contract for students, € 1,15 / day

The fixed-price Vakio S electricity contract for students is intended for homes with low electricity consumption, such as studio apartments.

Cost efficient
More affordable for students

Save almost 1 month's electricity costs per year

For blocks of flats

For homes with low electricity consumption, regardless of location in Finland

Environmental friendly
Climate friendly

The electricity is 100% free of carbon dioxide emissions

Vakio S electricity contract for students

Carbon-free electricity for a studio apartment or other such apartments smaller than 44 m2, € 34,60 / month (reg. € 35,48)*.
Max 2000 kWh/year.

*VAT for sales of electricity is temporarily lowered to 10 % between 2022 December 12 and 2023 April 30. The prices mentioned include VAT 10 %.

Frequently asked questions about electricity for students

How do I know that my electricity consumption is less than 2,000 kWh?
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  • The limit is based on the normal electricity consumption of a person living alone in a studio apartment or other such apartment smaller than 44 m2.
  • If you have adjustable floor heating in the bathroom or if you heat the sauna often, your consumption will probably exceed the limit.
  • If you are moving into a new apartment, would it be possible to ask the previous tenant or real estate agent about the electricity consumption rate?
  • If you already have an electricity contract for your apartment, you can check the consumption rate from your electricity invoice. The monthly consumption should be below 167 kWh.
  • If your actual electricity consumption exceeds the limit, this won't be a problem. We will transfer you to a larger Vakio contract.

If your consumption is more than 2,000 kWh/year, the student discount is also available for the Vakio M, L and XL contracts. Order your contract from our customer service or the House movers’ customer service (Muuttopuhelin) and ask for the student discount

  • Vakio S -> max 2,000 kWh
  • Vakio M -> 2,000 - 3000 kWh
  • Vakio L -> 3,000 - 5,000 kWh
  • Vakio XL -> 5,000 - 8,000 kWh
My friend has a Fortum Home Insurance. Can I have it, too?
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Yes, you can! Our Home Insurance is a good match for the Vakio S, M, and L packages. Order it from our customer service or the House movers’ customer service (Muuttopuhelin). It is a good idea to get insurance before moving into a new apartment, because the insurance will cover material damage that occurs during moving.

Can I get the student contract with solar or wind power?
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Yes, you can! Changing the source of electricity is available as an additional service in all Fortum electricity contracts.

Why am I getting two invoices?
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The cost of electricity consists of the electric energy (electricity sales), electricity distribution and the electricity tax. The electricity distributor is always a local network company that transmits the electricity to your home using its network and measures your electricity consumption. According to Finnish legislation, the electricity tax is included in the distribution invoice. Therefore, it is possible that you receive one electricity invoice from Fortum and another from the local network company. The local network charges you for the electricity distribution according to its price list and invoicing periods. For the electricity sales, the student’s invoice total will be 117€ (3 months × €39). When you signed your electricity contract with Fortum, we notified the distributor company of this. Therefore, you don't need to sign a separate electricity distribution contract. It becomes effective automatically once you enter into the contract with us.

If your local network company is Caruna, you will only get one invoice. In this case, Fortum will act as the invoicing company and charge you for the price of your student contract, Caruna's distribution fees, as well as taxes, all in one invoice.

Minulla on Vakio opiskelijaedulla. Mistä voin tarkistaa kokoluokan ja hinnan?
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Kaikki sopimustietosi hintoineen löydät Oma Fortum -sovelluksesta sekä -verkkopalvelusta.

The electricity contract for students is a good option for you, if...

  • you are looking for the cheapest deal and want to know the exact sum of each invoice in advance
  • you want the best for the climate; fully carbon-free electricity
  • you want a safe contract with no surprises: you can easily track your electricity consumption in the Oma Fortum service
  • you are moving into a new home and already know the move-in date.
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