Now you can opt to receive Fortum’s invoices via Kivra

Have you already started using the Kivra digital mailbox? Now you can opt to automatically receive Fortum’s invoices via Kivra, which will make paying easier. Say goodbye to invoices lost in the post or in your inbox!

Digital payment
Easy payments and reminder feature

You can easily and securely pay your invoices in the Kivra mobile application or online.

Customer oriented
Make your everyday life easier

You can also pay your family members’ or grandparents’ bills for them.

Low emissions
Benefiting climate and nature

If you replace your hard copy invoices with digital ones, there will be less emissions due to the manufacture of paper, printing and transport.

Kivra app

What is Kivra?

Kivra is a digital mailbox. When you register, we will send all the invoices you previously received by post to Kivra.
You can use Kivra in your browser or download the app from the app store. The service allows you to easily and quickly pay electricity bills, also on behalf of another person.

Read more and start using the service at

See also the FAQ section on Kivra

How will payments become easier when I start using Kivra?

Kivra is a secure payment service for consumers. Fortum has chosen it as one of the payment methods it offers to its customers. You can also pay invoices of other service providers, such as your telephone operator, in Kivra.

YouTube-video: How to pay invoices in Kivra.

You will always receive an email and a push notification on your phone when you have a new invoice to pay in Kivra. You will also be reminded of upcoming due dates. You can confirm the invoices with your bank’s online banking credentials and PIN code app. You can find all your archived invoices in My Fortum, but you can also easily archive Fortum’s invoices in Kivra. You can view the Fortum invoice by clicking the Fortum logo. In this invoice view, you will also see the logos of other companies that allow payments via Kivra, provided you have received mail from them.

Kivra app


How come my invoices were transferred to Kivra even though I didn’t do anything?

If you previously received your invoices from Fortum as hard copies by post or by email, your invoices will be automatically redirected to Kivra once you have registered as a user of the service. In Kivra, you do not need to separately select which invoices you want to receive. If you no longer want to receive invoices via Kivra, you can remove from the supplier menu the service providers whose invoices you no longer wish to receive via Kivra.

If you have made an e-invoice agreement on Fortum’s invoices in your online bank, the invoices will not be sent to Kivra but to your online bank. This means that even though you can see Fortum in the list of service providers in Kivra, you will not receive Fortum’s invoices via Kivra if you have an e-invoice agreement. If you wish to start paying invoices in Kivra instead of your online bank, you must delete the e-invoice agreement from your online bank.

Which Fortum’s invoices will be sent to Kivra?

All invoices from Fortum Asiakaspalvelu for private persons, such as electricity and district heating bills, can be sent to Kivra. The service is not intended for business customers.

How can i prevent receiving electricity bills in Kivra?

You can remove the companies that are sending invoices via Kivra. Edit your sender settings under “Senders” in your account settings. You can freely choose the senders from whom you wish to receive messages. This will not delete the Kivra app itself.

If you make an e-invoice agreement in your online bank, the invoice sending method will be automatically changed to e-invoice and you will no longer receive the invoices via Kivra.

How can I pay the electricity bills of my spouse, child or parent in Kivra?

You can help your loved ones to pay their bills by sharing your Kivra mailboxes temporarily or for a longer period.

Read more on the Kivra website (in Finnish):

Kivralla voit maksaa helposti myös läheistesi maksuja

Näin jaat Kivra-tilisi toisen henkilön kanssa

Help! My phone broke. How can I pay my bills now?

If you phone breaks or is lost, or if you remove the Kivra app from your phone, your Kivra service will not be deleted, and your invoices will still be sent to Kivra. You need a phone to log in to the browser version of the service. This is how the service ensures that you are actually you. Security above all!

You can log in to Kivra by clicking “Change password”. You will then have to identify yourself in the normal manner with your online banking credentials, and the service will force you to change your password.

You can also find your electricity bills in My Fortum / Oma Fortum App, and you can always contact the Fortum customer service if you have any questions regarding Fortum’s invoices.

Where does Kivra come from?

Kivra is an anagram of the Swedish word ‘arkiv’ or archives.

Kivra is not a service created by Fortum, but Fortum provides its customers the opportunity to use Kivra’s easy payment feature.

Originally developed in Sweden, Kivra is extremely popular there. Kivra came to Finland in 2019, and Fortum’s invoices have been available via Kivra since September 2020.